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Add value, reap the rewards

Do content creation well and you’ll turn customers into raving fans of your business. Do it badly and you simply fill people’s inboxes with more stuff.

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What is content creation?

Content creation, or content marketing, is the process of creating, publishing and sharing useful assets with your customers that improve their lives in some way, without selling to them.

And it’s more than just a new digital trend; content marketing has, in fact, been around for decades. But with the advent of the internet, every business can create content at very little expense. The trouble is, without strategy your content is just more noise that won’t drive any value for your customers or your business.

At SOZO, we don’t just create content. We create content that people want. From copywriting that people enjoy reading, to videos, animations and illustrations that people like watching and engaging with. And we create it all with a clear strategic purpose in mind; because the world has enough noise.

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Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.

Our content creation services

  • Copywriting

    You can’t bore people to do business with you. You’ve got to know what to say, then say it powerfully .

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  • Video

    Today, video content is king. Our videographers create videos that don’t make eyeballs roll.

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  • Animation

    We’ll bring your brand or products to life with unique animations so that people sit up and take notice.

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  • Illustration

    Add beautiful illustrations to your project, campaign or content and watch the impact they make.

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Our latest and greatest creations



Branding, website and animated video for new mobile App

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Innovative website for a revolutionary new product

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Three Choirs Vineyards

award-winning Three Choirs Vineyards

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Looking for a digital agency to become your long-term partner to help your business succeed online?

Well say hello then!

We are a full service digital agency with added byte

We’re a digital agency with digital designers, programmers, seo specialists, content creators, digital marketers all under one roof. This means we can give you a full, end-to-end, cohesive digital marketing service, without you having to manage different suppliers in different locations – it’s not something you’ll typically find in many digital agencies. Extra byte by us. Extra ease for you.

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