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keeping your website safe and secure


With online threats increasing and hackers getting more sophisticated, it is imperative that you choose an agency which can protect your website and it’s data. At SOZO we have been building websites for over 20 years (since before Facebook!).  So we know a thing or two about coding and how to keep our clients websites safe and secure.

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Call us control freaks but...

We have our own private web hosting servers which are exclusive to our clients. This gives us total control over our hosting environment and much greater security than standard shared hosting which you find commonplace on the web.

At SOZO we believe in educating our clients to the threats online and teaching them to be proactive in keeping their data and passwords secure. As with everything we do, it’s a partnership. We cannot keep your site secure unless you also understand the dangers and protect your data.


our services include

  • Website security service

    Ongoing security and threat monitoring to continuously monitor your site

  • Secure hosting

    Private, high performance hosting which is exclusive to our clients

  • Penetration testing

    For more advanced security protection we also offer external penetration testing

  • Platform updates and secure coding

    We manage all of your platform and security updates

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